Who and Why

Hi, I’m Libby.

Wife to Alex, and mom to Henry, Charlie and William.  I’m also a daughter, sister and friend.  I love Jesus and it’s my desire to honor Him in my marriage and as I mother my children.  I adore my family and friends, each one of them a blessing.  And I’m grateful for my life – for all of the shiny and tarnished parts.

I started writing to share then one year-old Charlie’s story, but it has become our family’s story.

I never imagined how beautiful, challenging, entertaining, heartbreaking, funny, overwhelming, lovely and precious this life – our life – would be.  But here I am, sharing the blessings of our family.  Writing about motherhood, family, Christianity, raising three sons – one with Down syndrome – and whatever else comes to mind.  All to glorify Him.

I’m nervous to be sharing so much and in such a public way.  Yet everyday I’m reminded that my purpose is embrace this life.  A life that has been blessed with some tears, mostly laughter and an abundance of grace.


6 thoughts on “Who and Why

  1. Libby, we will follow your journey, it is very powerful and filled with love. Thank you for doing this, I know God has a purpose. You are in our prayers, we love you both.
    Joe & Connie

  2. Libby,
    I finally had time to read through your blog, so far. It’s wonderful! Of course everything you say resonates so with my belief that our kids with challenges enrich our world immensely. I’m glad you already know that. With your willingness to share the everyday joys and tribulations, you are offering so much to others in our “club” of parents. Blessings on you and your family.

  3. Hi Libby,

    I may have just found the perfect future husband for my Lucy in your Charlie. He’s gorgeous. I am happy I found your blog and look forward to learning more about your beautiful family. Congrats on the new baby-to-be!


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