For Pete’s sake.

Oh my goodness.  I guess you could say that this is my first rodeo.  No one ever warned me about how tricky it is dressing and accessorizing a girl.  Clearly I need a little hand-holding.

Baby girl might have been wearing her sweet little hat backwards for over a week.  Oops.  However, during that entire week we received many complements on her darling little cap and her sweet little cheeks stayed nice and warm.  This week a little birdie told me to try rotating the cap, and voila!  It’s like we have a completely new hat to enjoy.

Thankfully Caroline is patient with her dear mama.

P.S.  Caroline is now fascinated with her hands.  She can’t seem to get enough of them – from discovering how to hold toys to flat-out trying to eat them, they are hands-down a wonderful new discovery.


2 thoughts on “For Pete’s sake.

  1. she is so cute I could eat her up! Plenty of girl fashion around this house – msg me anytime although we don’t wear many hats in TX! XO

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