Saturday morning.

A typical fall Saturday morning has Alex and Henry off duck hunting before sunrise while Charlie, William and now Caroline and I enjoy a slow and lazy start to our weekend.  Honestly it is such a relief to not be rushing off anywhere, to sit and sip my coffee and to have the time to make pancakes {pumpkin spice, yum!}  The boys run around happily building forts, pausing to watch a show, move on to art projects, a big bubble bath, you name it.  I putter, bake something, clean the kitchen, start some laundry, and maybe read.  However, my new favorite Saturday morning pastime is taking pictures of baby girl.  After her morning nap she is happy to watch me dance and sing and coo while I snap away on the camera.  Something tells me that I’ll be quite grateful that I’ve captured as many sweet moments as possible during these fleeting baby days.

In all fairness I should point out that during our sweet photo shoot, Charlie and William were having a nerf gun fight while wearing only their underwear.

PS – these pictures are also a sort of love letter and great big hug for my dear friend.


4 thoughts on “Saturday morning.

  1. There’s a chance that hat might be on upside down. I think wide row of ribs might be the part that circles her face. :) She’s super cute either way!

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