Caroline – four months


…kissable cheeks and a well-earned double chin…

…we’re learning how to accessorize…did we even do this headband thing right?…

…she always looks so serious when I bring out the camera, she really does smile…


There is certainly something special about that delicious squishy newborn stage but the transition into the happy, smiley baby stage has us all falling madly in love with Caroline again and again.

Sweet Coco is now four months old and oh what a wonder she is.  She is four months full of joy and of strong will.  Baby girl has a rather demanding spirit but serves as a constant blessing to our family.  She keeps us on our toes and has my brain spinning round and round already.  {Though this might possibly be due to a *growth spurt* that has her waking up at least a bazillion times a night.}

I’d forgotten all of the things that one can worry about with a new baby.  Is she eating enough?  Sleeping enough?  Sleeping too much during the day and not enough at night?  Does she get enough interaction?  Too much interaction?  Tummy time!  We forgot about tummy time!  Does her head look flat?  But that new fancy head pillow that is supposed to make her head round makes her ears stick out…debate endlessly about which is worse, ears that stick out or flat head?  Will she be traumatized by the fact that she takes half of her naps in her carseat on the go?  {sigh, perhaps this is why head is flat?}

And then there is the whole feeling that I’m mothering in three different worlds.  One being the world of a mom with kiddos in elementary school.  {good grief, how did they take me seriously with all the spit-up on my shirt during the parent-teacher conferences?  oh and trying to be a cool mom: “what’s mind crafts?”  and what is the etiquette on nursing when your oldest son has friends over?}  Then there is the preschool world.  {hello, preschool world, I’ve been here for almost six years now…} And the newborn world.  {that beautiful fuzzy world where you fall madly in love with your sweet new baby while living in a constant state of survival mode.  i.e. I can now go four + {!} days without washing my hair.}

I’m rambling.  Of course all I really wanted to do was post some cute pictures of Caroline and write down her four-month stats.

10 pounds 4 ounces

23 1/2 inches

She’s still a peanut.  But quite possibly, the cutest little peanut you ever did see.


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