A cowboy who doesn’t like his hat, Uncle Si, a mouse, and a “super-uncle Willy”

“William what are you dressed up as?”

“This.” gesturing to his cape and headband.  “I’m dressed up as this!”

the cutest little mouse you ever did see…

We did it.

It was touch-and-go for a bit.

But we did it.  And we had fun.

The kiddos dressed up for school, I wore my big ‘ol orange wooly sweater {which didn’t seem quite so big this year…} I was able to help out at both Henry and Charlie’s class parties, we visited nana and my grandparents, Alex took the boys trick or treating around our neighborhood and Caroline and I passed out candy at home.  Later, after filling their own pails William and Charlie were thrilled to share their stash with all of our *customers.*  In fact passing out candy at our front door might have been their favorite part.

Don’t quote me, but there might just be something to this whole dressed-up candy-crazed holiday.


One thought on “Halloween

  1. Adorable!! Can’t wait to see the Christmas card :) Isn’t it stressful to try to get all 4 kids smiling at once? Thinking of you often my friend…love seeing the pictures, everyone is growing up!! XO

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