The fair.

It’s tradition.  A pilgrimage of sorts.

Because life’s not crazy enough, last week we took our family of six to the county fair.

But this was the mostly good kind of crazy.  I think.  Which is good because most of the time life feels just crazy. The plain kind.

Ah, the beauty of low expectations.  Don’t ever underestimate them because when you decide to take the kiddos to the county fair and do all sorts of exciting things – Go on rides together! Get an elephant ear!  Stay up past your bedtime! {7:30 pm!} – your children will think you are the coolest parents ever.

On the Scrambler, which growing-up was my favorite fair ride.  Today they call it Haywire, and as I learned, for good reason.  {Somehow we picked up a spare kiddo.}

Only real life photos here folks.

This is how I looked right before I cracked my rib.  Yes, you read that correctly.  While trying to be *cool mom*.

Fair {ha!} warning, this is not the easy-going Scrambler of our childhood.

Don’t worry, that didn’t slow us down.

We persevered, going on fun rides like the “Drop zone” where you literally free fall.  Why yes, of course we took our 8 year-old with us too.  One might wonder if we had temporarily lost our minds?  Perhaps we were making up for the last 12-weeks of colicky induced stress and panic?  Darn it, we were out of the house and we were going to have FUN.

You’ll be relieved to know that I came hold of my senses as it became dark, because really, who wants to be that creepy family with the stroller on the midway at the fair after dark?  Not us.  We’re crazy-responsible.


One thought on “The fair.

  1. Just catching up on your blog and pictures. I love how “real” you are and how you open your heart. Keep up the great work momma!

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