Birthday Number Four

They grow up so quickly…his first shaving kit already!

As if we haven’t had enough milestones lately, William went ahead and turned four.  Four!  However, if you ask our sweet curly-haired boy how old he is he will answer “FIVE!” Every single time.  I’m not sure if it’s because we’ve *celebrated* his birthday multiple times or because he does a pretty good impression of a five year-old.

William. Oh William.  You still rock your curly head of hair and that pip-squeak voice.  You are a charmer for sure.  You have always had plenty of personality and charm.  Quite honestly you are simply a joy to spend time with.  You still exist on air and the occasional serving of applesauce, bananas, cereal, raisins, granola bars or really any sort of snack food.  Real food be darned.  {Unless a hotdog counts?}

You’re funny too.  Last weekend we were out on the boat and Charlie, you and I were on the obnoxiously large inner tube and your Dad was driving the boat in a figure-eight pattern, making sure we were catching plenty of bumps.  As each wave approached I would say something clever like “hold on to your horses!”  The next time we hit the bumps you yelled out “hold on to your giraffes!”  Ha.  Same ride, a few minutes later you looked up at me seriously and asked, “Mom, if this inner tube could talk what do you think it would say?”  “I’m not sure,” I replied.  “I think it would say, ‘Hey, I’m an inner tube!'”  Of course it would William, of course it would.

I don’t know what the shift has been but I’ve never fallen into the pro-grow camp.  I’ve always been the mama who savored each and every baby, toddler and preschool minute.  But lately I’ve discovered a secret – the preschool and elementary years are pretty darn sweet.  And while William is still a couple of years away from elementary status, nor am I wishing time would move any faster than it already is, he just seems like such a big-boy.  Quite frankly I enjoy his company.  I think we are going to have fun together this year – with big brothers at school and little sister napping – ideally we’ll get to spend our afternoons together.


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