It’s how we roll.  One bike + one double bob + one single bob + 4 kiddos + 2 parents = one family walk.

Ready for a good laugh?

This afternoon I answered the front door to find a man asking me if my home was a daycare center.  No joke.  He said that he was driving through our neighborhood trying to find the daycare where his he was supposed to pick up his grandson.  Story goes he saw all of the toys out front {pretty much all the contents of our garage} and “I just assumed I was at the right place.”  I’m certain I looked both horrified and confused as I sent him away.  Even better, after closing the door I turned around and saw that I had four kiddos right at my heels. {Henry had a friend over.}  And it goes without saying I was holding the baby.  Poor guy probably thought I was lying.

Let me just say that I am officially in love with this little girl. My heart literally explodes when she smiles.  Sweet Caroline gives us the most incredible grins these days and she has started cooing.  It really is the best.

People ask me all the time how the boys are doing with her.  They love her so much, each in their own way.  Sometimes they get a little over-excited, kissing, hugging, singing, squeezing, talking with their faces two inches away from her face.  Naturally Coco gets a wee bit overwhelmed but there is no doubt that she is loved.

News alert:  This week I left the house three days in a row. {And not just for a trip through the Starbucks drive-thru, does that count as getting out of the house?}

Wednesday, I took the children to the dentist.  I felt like a very responsible mom who was on-top of things for an entire morning.

Yesterday I put on jeans {that button!} and a real shirt. I even put on make-up.  All in the name of getting my hair done.  It was heaven.

Today, my cute new yoga pants and workout top were literally calling my name.  Next came the pony tail.  To be honest I just feel overdressed these days if I’m in anything with a zipper.  {Which I probably tell myself because most of my zippered pants don’t well, zip.}  All this dressing up was done in the name of a trip to Costco.  By myself, with my four children.  {So I guess I wasn’t really by myself…}  And let me tell you I was never so thankful that I was in workout gear, because by the end of our excursion I was sweating more than I do after most workouts.  But the good news is that we have food again.

Whew.  All that to say we are really doing this.  It’s a beautiful miracle really.

I just love this family of ours.  All of the love and smiles and chaos.

There is no doubt about it.  This summer has been good to us.

I honestly can’t believe that school begins next week.  I know that the structure and routine will be a great thing for the boys but I honestly can’t wrap my brain around getting them to school on time.  It sounds next to impossible.

And Charlie starts KINDERGARTEN next week.  And he turns 6!!  Let’s not talk about that yet OK?

PS – It doesn’t feel right to not mention that we have also had our fair share of days when the baby has cried all day, I’m exhausted and our house feels like meltdown central.  To be honest, just this week I feel like I’m beginning to keep my head above water.  The other day another mom and I bonded over our hermit-like tendencies due to our fussy/colicky/reflux-y babies.  It was the best.  Because no one ever talks about their fussy babies.

BUT, the good news is that the kids and Alex are happy, the baby is fussing a little bit less and sleeping and smiling more {alleluia!}  Plus she is pretty darn cute, that helps too.  So I don’t think things could get any better.  And that’s what I’m choosing to remember.


One thought on “Summer

  1. Oh, I so love this! Wonderful perspective and congratulations for choosing to remember the sweet times and how blessed you are! No doubt everyday isn’t picture perfect–not just because you have a newborn. Having 4 can be overwhelming at times, but such a HUGE blessing!! I’m so excited for you! And–can’t wait to hear about Charlie staring K and turning 6!! Our Charlie started K 2 weeks ago. Big stuff!!

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