Baby love

The boys and I decided to do our own newborn photo shoot.  It was a little chaotic but we had fun in the process and luckily ended up with a handful of keepers.

Caroline is truly the loveliest baby girl.  As long as her tummy is full she is happy to either soak up her surroundings or blissfully sleep the day and night away.  However if she is even the slightest bit hungry she’ll let you know about it.

She is beautiful.  She is tough.  She is so loved and adored.

She is the perfect addition to our family.

We are over the moon, settling into life as a family of six.  And if I’m being honest we’re also exhausted and overwhelmed but that’s probably to be expected right?  Thank you again for all of the love and well wishes!


6 thoughts on “Baby love

  1. Beautiful children, Libby! Have to say that my favorite pic above is the one with Charlie looking straight at the camera with his arm around his little sis, you can almost see him saying that he’ll love and protect her always. Caroline is gorgeous, and clearly adored by her brothers. :)

  2. Oh Libby – she is beautiful! I’ve been checking your blog anxiously looking for an update and am so glad to see TWO with your newest arrival. You have a beautiful family. I began to craft an email to you several weeks ago, not long after I found out that I was pregnant with #4. After reading your post, I knew you could relate to my mixed bag of emtions and just needed to “vent” to someone (besides my husband) and tell me that everything was going to be OK. Sadly, I miscarried so we will remain a family of five. And that’s OK. We are trusting God’s plan.

  3. Libby, she is just beautiful! And the pictures are perfect. Congratulations!! We are so very happy for you. Love, love, love!!!

  4. love these! i especially adore the 4th pic where William has his head cocked so gently and is stroking Caroline’s head so sweetly. Also the one of Charlie hugging Caroline is a treasure. My feeling from this image is that he would love for her to be ‘his’ alone ;-). You look stunning holding your princess — a new role and one that you will surely do amazingly my friend! Love and hugs to all 6 of you!!! oxoxo

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