Summer days.

We’re off to a pretty good start.  Our first full day of summer was spent thinking that baby Coco was on her way.  Nope, false alarm.  So on the second day Alex stayed home from work and we had an unplanned and unexpected weekday all together.  It was just what we needed.

There is really nothing better than watching our boys and Alex play together.  There is just something about that father-son bond.  He will play game after game with the boys for literally hours on end.  He is definitely the fun parent and I think our parenting styles are a pretty good combination and balance.

Goodness I’ve been in a funk.  For some reason I’m struggling with the end of this pregnancy.  It’s thrown me for a loop mainly because I don’t remember feeling like this before.  And its not necessarily the physical strains, but more of an in-my-head struggle.  More than anything I’m frusterated by my own selfishness.  It’s not an attractive trait and I’m so ready to be myself again.

To top it off {yes, this probably sounds silly even to say} I’m so tired of having painters around our house.  Don’t they know that I’m trying to nest?  And oh how I long to finally have our backyard back after three long weeks.  It’s amazing how quickly things can go downhill with three busy boys when they can’t just run outside to play.

In the meantime we’ve had to be creative as we try to establish some sort of summer routine.  We’ve spent hours in our front yard and in the yards of our neighbors {perhaps they’re ready for us to have our backyard back too?}  We’ve had no choice but to keep things simple.  And honestly the boys have been great.  They take turns with the hose, cover the floor with legos encouraging each other as they build, and manage to make a game out of almost anything.

I sure do love these boys.  And boy do I pray that His grace continues to cover us all summer long.  I pray that my children feel the presence of peace and patience even when I repeatedly come up short.  Because day after day I am humbled, knowing that only by His grace is all this goodness possible.


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