The real deal.

Silly little moments worth remembering because they perfectly capture what makes William our William.  If only I could bottle up his perfect little voice and coy smile too.


“Mom!  I hurt myself!”

“What happened William?”

Rubbing his eye, “I hurt my eye.”

“Which one?”

Pause.  “I’m not sure if it was my eye winker, or my tiny tinker.”

This might not initially sound funny, but with our of our babies Nana has repeated this sing-song little game with all of our boys.  “Eye winker, tiny tinker, nosey dropper, mouthy eater, chinny chomper…tickle, tickle, tickle, tickle…


While riding in the stroller.

“Mom, was this the little piggy that went to market?”

“Yes, William.”

“OK, so then this one stayed home…”



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