Lucky stars.

We had the best, low-key, unplanned weekend.  It was just what we needed as we gear-up for all the busy-ness the end of the school year brings.

Oh, yes and as we prepare for baby.

Even with the grey and rainy weather we had no major meltdowns. We played board games and read books aloud.  We stomped outside in the rain.  I drank a full cup of hot coffee each morning after finishing up breakfast in bed.  For real.  Alex and the boys surprised me by serving breakfast in bed not once, but twice.  Spoiled alert.  I couldn’t believe my good fortune.  Certainly I had planned on lollygagging in bed a little each morning.  You know, giving the kids the freedom to snack on Cheerios and bananas while arguing over which PBS kids vs. Disney Junior cartoon to watch.  That’s what weekend mornings are all about right?  But I think it was the combination of some early contractions and exhaustion, my looming birthday, plus the fact that Charlie has started to boldly pull out frying pans and eggs that made Alex jump out of bed each morning.  Nothing like the fear of early labor or bedrest, coupled with a small child turning on the stove to get the day started.

Don’t be totally fooled by all this low-key talk.  Alex was a champ checking things off of our {my} to-do list.  Things that MUST be completed by the time baby arrives.  Like cleaning out the garage.  Getting the yard in order.  Clearing out over 30 balls from our gutters.  And while I learned the art? skill? of relaxing we still managed to have a pretty social weekend.  We had friends over for dinner and hosted a long-time friend of Alex’s one afternoon.  We celebrated my birthday one evening with my parents, grandparents and brother.  And then we wrapped up the weekend with an impromptu playdate with some dear out-of-town friends.

It was a successful weekend for sure.

Yet even after all of this low-keyness I’ll admit that by Monday afternoon I was exhausted.  So I did what any good mama would do, I fed the kiddos an early dinner {4:30!} loaded them up for a quick ice cream stop, and headed back home for baths and an early bedtime.  As in lights-out by 7pm.  And in my defense, I don’t think I was that far off because we only had one round of “I have to go potty” before everyone was out cold.  But as for getting myself to bed at a decent hour?  Total fail.  Oh well, that’s what coffee is for right?

So much is happening around here.  Sometimes it seems impossible to keep up, but it’s really all so wonderful.  I mean holy smokes, we’re about to have another BABY.  And we have three thriving boys already.  And I’m married to a guy who quite possibly might be the most patient and loving husband around. {I know this because he has to live with me.}

I can’t help but thank my lucky stars.


One thought on “Lucky stars.

  1. I swear I have the strongest feeling that you are having your baby (or already had her!)… sending you loooooots of love and positive energy!!!oxox

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