Happy Day

Our Easter weekend was the perfect combination of family, fun, work, play and celebration.  This Easter was a first for us – we were on our own – just our little family of five.  It felt both exciting and strange.  Growing up it wasn’t a real holiday without a large gathering of family members.  I have to admit a part of me still feels the same way and I realize that now Alex and the kids do too.  At the same time I knew that this Easter weekend was a wonderful opportunity for our little family to forge ahead and establish our own traditions.  We read about the death and resurrection of Jesus from the Jesus Storybook Bible.  We dyed eggs, held our own egg hunt.  We dressed up and went to church.  Together we proclaimed that He is Risen!  And thankfully, Grammy and Gigi dropped by for a visit and my brother Andy came over for Easter dinner.  Which pretty much sealed the deal – it was indeed an official holiday in the eyes of my children.  We had company.  Whew.

Easter is one of my favorites though I’m certain I probably say something pretty similar at Thanksgiving and Christmas.  During this season of Lent we are called to feel, to remember the weight of the sacrifice that our Lord made for us.  And yet all too often instead of turning my focus to Him I easily turn that focus inward.  The heaviness of my sin, my selfishness and my pride weigh heavily on me.  Yet because of the sacrifice and resurrection of our Lord Jesus – because of His great love for us – I’m able to repent of all these burdens and sins and be forgiven.  And just as He lives we too are once again made new.

Again and again.

Oh happy day!

He is risen.



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