This boy.

Before the next big thing {little league baseball} takes over, its worth mentioning Henry’s first-ever basketball season.

According to Henry basketball was: “Pretty fun, but I’m not sure if I’ll want to play it again next year.  It does interfere with duck hunting season mom.”  This was especially comical coming on the heels of a game where he scored 20 points and had 10 rebounds.  While only playing two quarters.

{Now, before you think we’re the crazy point-tracking parents, let me clarify, my dad was there.  HE tracks this sort of thing.  This is especially worth noting because if truth be told, Alex and I – while we both played years of basketball – we were more of the bench-warming type.  Apparently twiggy arms and legs can only work so much magic on the court.  So to see their grandson nonchalantly playing and playing well was a real thrill for the grandparents.}

Anyhow, this boy, our Henry loved his basketball season for what it was.  Short and sweet.  We’re slowly getting into this world of extra-curricular activities as we’ve tried to avoid them at all costs.  But alas, it’s time for our kiddos to start testing the waters, to see where their interests and skills take them.


2 thoughts on “This boy.

  1. Way to go Henry! Oh extra-curricular activities… I love/hate you already! Baseball season is the worst. Cold, windy, outside. It all just makes me appreciate my own mother that much more! Best of luck!

  2. Oh gosh…I’m one of those moms that keeps track of their stats. Mainly because my boys always ask how many points they got, but also because I like to know. We are deeply involved in extra-curriculars at this point. It was somewhat of a drag at first, to be honest, when they were little and unable to sit still through a sibling’s practice or game. When Ella was an infant it was absolutely, unequivocally the WORST. She would scream through every soccer practice. And there were several every week. I thought I was going to lose my mind. But now? Now I LOVE it. I love watching them compete and shine and be good at something.

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