A letter to my children.


One of my favorite bloggers hands-down is Sarah over at Clover Lane.  Her recent post “A letter to my children” was so beautiful that I had to share it.  I couldn’t have written truer words to my own children.  I found her words to be a source of encouragement as we raise-up our three sons {and soon to-be daughter} choosing to go against what has become a very strong mainstream.  Maybe you’ll see it as a breath of fresh air too?


3 thoughts on “A letter to my children.

  1. As one of six children raised in a devoutly Catholic home – this could have easliy been written by my parents! It is perfect. So very true – every word.

  2. Well I am not Catholic but thought it was totally right on and could have been written by my parents as well. Sooo good to see that there are Moms who still have “old fashioned” values.
    I discovered her blog through yours and it is one of my favorites too!

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