21 weeks.


And there it is.  We’ve passed the half-way mark just like that.

Coco Pinata will be here before we know it.  Coco Pinata = the baby’s nickname given to her by her big brothers.  And they use it.  After I picked up William from school he asked “Mom, where are the pictures of Coco Pinata that you promised?”  You’d assume that nickname alone would help to speed us along with our name search but nope, not us.

We had our *big* ultrasound Wednesday.  I still get nervous and sweaty each time.  This time Henry joined us for a special big brother moment and to see our little one live.  He loved it and was actually pretty darn good at seeing and understanding what was on the screen.  Our doctor said that everything looks great with the baby and we left our appointment giving thanks and praising Jesus for this sweet new blessing.

doesn’t she look scrunched-up?  based on what I’ve been feeling she likes to go from that position into this:

legs stretched out for optimal kicking.

keeping the family tradition alive with long skinny feet.

Confession.  While I’ve known for almost six weeks that baby is a girl I still had my doubts.  This translated into not making a single pink purchase.  The good news is that today the ultrasound tech re-confirmed that the baby is indeed a girl, so I’m thinking green-light right?

A few things worth noting about pregnancy the fourth time around.

::  I was seriously beginning to wonder if I was ever going to get into this whole pregnancy thing.  I have always been the obnoxious gal who talked about how much she loved being pregnant.  And knowing that this is our last time around I assumed I’d want to savor every last-minute.  This wasn’t the case for the first 16+ weeks at all.  The good news is that I’m finally getting into my pregnancy groove.  Alex could tell there was a shift just by looking over at my nightstand.  It’s overflowing with baby books.  And not the traditional What to Expect books, oh no, I’m waay back into it, we’re talking Ina May and all of the good ‘ol crunchy granola stuff.

:: Time.  I hate to even say this aloud, but it feels like we have the luxury of time and spacing on our side.  After having three boys in four years, it feels down-right luxurious having 3 1/2 years between children.

::  Which brings us to logistics.  We still have some details to nail down, but for now we’ve come up with yet another plan to strategically use the space we have and well, make it work.  Although this time it might involve a teeny-tiny construction project.  And I’ll still keep wishing for that playroom to magically appear.

::  Not only do I feel pregnant but I finally look pregnant.  I’ve never been a fan of that awkward “Is she or isn’t she?” stage.

::  Our bed is already overflowing with pillows.  Alex of course is thrilled.  Ha.

::  Since the 18-week mark I’ve been having steady Braxton hicks contractions.  And no, these aren’t little twinges, these contractions stop me in my tracks and turn my belly into a rock.

::  I’d forgotten about itchy elbows.  There are many weird skin issues that pregnant women deal with, but I’d forgotten that my elbows itch like crazy.  Quirky right?

::  Pregnancy is not the time to start trying out new deodorants.  Especially the *natural* kinds.  Just take my word for it.

::  One word:  jeggings.  Don’t judge, but trust me these should become every pregnant woman’s best friend.  I have them in grey and love them.  And black leggings too.  {Thank you K!}


2 thoughts on “21 weeks.

  1. LIBBBBBYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH. MY. GOSH!!!!!!!
    I have literally not read any blogs in MONTHS and I did not even know you were expecting. And A GIRL!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!! I am literally in AWE. You look FABULOUS!!!

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