It’s the little things.

After Christmas Charlie initiated a bedroom shuffle around our house.  We were happy to play along because, {A} it was still Christmas vacation and bedtime didn’t need to be strongly enforced and {B} we had always really wanted Charlie to share a room with one of his brothers…because…well it’s hard to explain but it’s a whole combination of: guilt, perception, building up his relationships with his brothers and well, I don’t know…

Anyhow, never in a million years did we think this new arrangement of Charlie and William sharing a room would work.  Over one month in and the transition has been flawless.  Henry happily moved into his own room and enjoys reading every night before bed.  Charlie and William read, snuggle and yes even play before bed in their shared room.  And somehow, this new magical arrangement has all three boys not only going to bed earlier, but sleeping in longer.  If that wasn’t enough, Alex and I often get to catch glimpses of our two little ones all snuggled in together.  The light still on, books scattered around them.  Two brothers, happy and content.  There is no doubt that it’s really all about the little things isn’t it?


9 thoughts on “It’s the little things.

  1. Beautiful!! Sleeping children pictures always make my heart swell…but siblings sleeping together pictures? Well, words don’t really describe how sweet this is and how happy it makes me to see. I love them!!

  2. i know exactly how you feel, my eldest has a padded room,she has smith magenis syndrome and never ever did we ever think we could leave her room even unlocked, but since last summer her room has been open (due to her amazingness) and now every non-school night we find her and her sister snuggled together in bed! It’s too much! it’s amazing and magical and food from heaven for my mama’s soul! i cried looking at your pictures, i get it! so glad i am following along to see this xxxxxxxx

  3. I want to jump right in and snuggle with them!! Funny how sleeping children melt away any frustrations you have with them during the day! One of my favorite moments of the day is peeking in on the kids when they are asleep! Not that your kids cause any frustrations – only mine :) XO

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