Lunchtime.  We rush home from pre-school, knowing that we have to squeeze in lunch, story time and naps before we have to turn around again and pick-up Henry in only a few hours.  It could easily be just one more daily task or simply a transitional part of our day, but instead it’s become one of my favorite hours.

I pull out all of the ingredients covering what seems like half of the counter.  Our go-to favorite is a turkey sandwich.  Each one of us has a different variation.  Lettuce and mayo for all, cheddar cheese for Charlie, rice cheese for William, and spicy mustard, sharp cheddar and avocado for me.  Fruits and veggies vary based on personal preference but we all agree that chips are the perfect side.

Sometimes we sit side-by-side going over the school day.  Sometimes the little ones eat on the run, playing with their toys and running back and forth for each bite.  On those days I sit quietly reading and eating.  There isn’t any rush to move towards nap time.  Somehow the clock always cooperates.

I realize that we aren’t always going to be eating this mid-day meal together, and this only makes me want to soak it up this time even more.


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