Resolutions in February


Better late than never right?

I’m stuck in a rut and need to reevaluate – for Pete’s sake, set – some personal goals.

So I started making a list of resolutions for the year {basically a glorified to-do list}.  And when the list was completed I wanted to poke my eyes out.  Because seriously, one of my top to-do’s was to organize all of our photos and create photo albums. Bleh.

I decided to switch gears and write out more general goals instead of specific resolutions.  Here’s what made the list…

FAMILY: This is a year of anticipation and change for our family.  I want to make sure we remain intentional about our family time together because well, it’s easy to not be intentional.  I hope that we continue to nurture and grow our already steadfast traditions.  I love that we make it a point to sit down for dinner every night to eat, reconnect and pray together.

INTENTIONAL RELATIONSHIPS:  I’d love to end each day knowing that I’ve been a good wife, mother and friend.  Or at least tried my best.  I want to be a steadfast source of encouragement, love and support for my husband.  And to know that I’ve looked into the eyes of my children each time they speak to me.  To shower them daily in kisses, hugs, kind words of encouragement while providing safe boundaries in which to grow.  I need to become more intentional about connecting with my treasured friends.  It’s all too easy to get wrapped up in the tasks of our household and leave little time for nurturing these live-giving relationships.

LAUGHTER: I want to make sure we leave more time and room for silliness and fun. Heck, let’s go way out on a limb and add some spontaneity to the mix.  I know that when Alex gets home from work, I have a tendency to turn into a grouchy task lady, rushing around trying to get everything done I wasn’t able to do during the day.  Meanwhile I hear Alex and the boys laughing and playing in the background and somehow still think it’s more important to put the laundry away.  We {I} need to be silly more with my children.  Yes, this is a goal.

ADVENTURE: I have an adventurous spirit. I just need to find her again.  The boys are at such fun ages and it’s getting easier to get out and experience new things.  I hope we are adventurous these last few months as a family of five and quickly settle in as a family of six.  Nothing brings more joy than getting out there and doing things together as a family.

JOY: I love the idea of trying to find joy in every situation no matter what the circumstances are.  This also translates to quiet time with my bible on a regular basis.  I’m thinking fewer devotionals and *how-to* faith-based books and more time just soaking up His living Word. You know, just reading the plain ‘ol bible.

INSPIRATION:  I really want this year to be filled with true inspiration and not comparison. This probably will equate to less screen time {i.e. blogs and pinterest} which is probably a good thing.  This should also translate to reading more literature, i.e. real books.  This just makes me happy.  Oh and I want to remind myself to put down the dumb iphone already and grab the real camera.  Those are the pictures that we treasure.  And yes it might be silly, but looking through that lens is a pretty quick and easy way to get a dose of inspiration.  Inspiration, which in turn leads to writing.  Which I love.


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