Pregnacy 4.0 {17 weeks}

It is so hard to believe that I’m 17 weeks pregnant.  With my fourth baby.  For the looongest while, time had been crawling by, but already the days are flying by once again.  Before we know it we’ll be getting ready to welcome this little lady into our family.  {Though I have yet to buy anything pink.}

It might sound a bit extreme but I finally feel like I’m back among the living.  {At least until 5 p.m.}  For the last few weeks {OK, 3 months} I have lived the life of a slug.  Constantly nauseous, exhausted, you get the idea.  Pretty much all of the textbook pregnancy symptoms, only this is the first time I’ve been truly knocked off my feet.  But don’t worry, I landed safely on the couch and comfortably remained there for oh, I don’t know, forever.  Alex deserves a big shout-out for all of his support, love and willingness to run to the store for necessities.  Like frozen yogurt.  7-up.  And bagels.  Honorable mentions must also be given to Curious George, cottage cheese, Perrier and Pinterest.  Without them I’m not sure we could have made it though.

I will also admit that for the longest time I was feeling pretty smug.  You know, because I didn’t become one of those crazy hormonal pregnant women who cries all the time.  Of course I was quickly put into my place when I realized, that nope, instead I’m the grumpy pregnant lady who’s kinda-sorta ticked-off all the time. Ha!  Hoping that tapers off for the sake of my sanity and my darling husband’s.  {He assures me it has.}

So, all that to say … I feel pregnant! I look pregnant, it’s getting real.

There will be no high-maternity fashion on display here.  Only sad, but well-loved maternity threads are left around these parts.


3 thoughts on “Pregnacy 4.0 {17 weeks}

  1. Sounds like this little lady is already keeping Alex on his toes! Pregnancy looks great on you, don’t sweat the well-loved clothes.

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