Making room in our hearts.

Mark your calendars, we’ll be welcoming our newest little firecracker this summer.

We are thrilled and overwhelmed, hopeful and prayerful. We have no idea what life will be like with four little ones, but we can’t wait to welcome this sweet bundle into our family.  I do know for certain that there will be plenty of love to go around.

I’m usually pretty quick to spill the beans when a new baby is concerned but this time we’ve kept the news close.  I’m not really sure why, but we’ve had fun gradually sharing the good news with family and friends.  And let me tell you the reactions are priceless when you announce that you are expecting your fourth baby.  I wish I’d recorded half of our conversations or at least had a camera handy.

Even Henry’s reaction was priceless when we showed him an early ultrasound picture.  “Yikes, that looks like a pretty bad infection mom!”

The whole experience has already been so different from my other pregnancies, but one thing has remained constant: we have loved this sweet baby from the beginning.  So yesterday when we saw the baby waving and kicking and wiggling around it finally felt like I could stop holding my breath.

Of course there is the whole reality of things.  There is nothing in me that can picture what it will be like to bring home a baby to an almost four year-old, almost six year-old and eight year-old. Our first three were so close together that we were in full-time baby {survival} mode.  Our hands were full, our hearts overflowing and we were overwhelmed to say the least.  Maybe, just maybe, it will be as peaceful and calm as my dreams?  Or maybe this is just further proof of my craziness?

In the meantime we’re giving thanks for this miracle and making room for this new little soul in our hearts.


12 thoughts on “Making room in our hearts.

  1. Congrats!!! Welcome to the club!! Strap the seatbelt on and enjoy the wild ride! Maybe some pink??? What a fantastic Christmas gift!!! Love to all my friend – wish you lived close by so we could go to Starbucks with 8 kids!!

  2. I love reading your blog. I have a 3 year old with Down syndrome. We recently just had a baby (#4-all girls). I too was very nervous but excited. It has been wonderful and crazy. You will love it!!

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