Today we woke up to our valley covered in both snow and sunshine.

We had a quiet {for us} morning and together walked Henry to school.

I’d pay big money to freeze moments like this in time.

We came back home and I did my domestic-y tasks while the little ones happily played with their new Christmas goodies.  {There is certainly something to be said about spreading out the family celebrations, each gift really gets its due.}

Being home with my little guys just feels right.  Surely it has something to do with the magic of the Christmas season, but I can’t help but cherish this quiet, unhurried morning time together.

It’s too easy to get lost in the glare all around us.  But in this season, and more than ever, I don’t want to forget that Emmanuel came. He came to live with us in this very broken world. He came to earth to redeem it and to redeem us.  And yes, sometimes it feels like He left us.  But He didn’t.

Emmanuel, God is with us.

Was, is, and always will be.


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