You know how sometimes you just need a day to block out the world and circle the wagons?  Sunday morning the little boys and I did just that while Alex and Henry hit the ski slopes.

We had one of those days that practically begs you to make a big ‘ol mess in the kitchen.  It was the perfect recipe of sunshine, jammies, Christmas music, baking and for some added sparkle on top – snow!

I decided it was time to break out of my baking slump and just bake some Christmas cookies already.  And for good measure, and because I just like to do silly things, we also made homemade laundry detergent.

Don’t worry, no cookies were harmed in the process.

Promise you won’t think less of me because of these pictures, OK?  But in my humble opinion, dirty kitchens are somewhat underrated.  Surely they represent the best kind of living.  That catch it while you can, living in and for the moment sort of living.

In my defense, I plan on doing plenty of domestic-y things Monday.  Much needed things like laundry and dishes and vacuuming.  Maybe I’ll even go crazy and make dinner.


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