We’ve had two recent milestones that might not seem noteworthy, but for our family were big.

The first milestone was our annual church Christmas program.  This year, all three boys participated.  Really and truly it was amazing.  Not because our kids stole the show {not even close} but simply the fact that they were all singing together.  It might not make sense to anyone else, but to see Charlie up there makes my heart want to burst with joy and hug and profusely thank everyone who loves and believes in our little guy.

my two tough guys at practice.

{Perhaps William, our curly-hair cutie might be stealing the show?}

Seriously. Look at our Charlie.  Look at all he can do.

No, he wasn’t singing or doing the hand motions.

But I can’t help but feel like it’s like watching a miracle.

and henry…we have since been to the eye dr…guess who’s getting glasses?!

Another somewhat silly, but oh so big milestone took place at a birthday party.  Our boys have been invited to numerous parties over the years celebrating family and friends, but never before has Charlie received an invitation.  Just for him.  Last Saturday Charlie and I went to a party that he had been invited to by one of his classmates.  There is no doubt that he understood the significance of this as he waved good-bye to his brothers while also wearing an impish grin.

Upon our arrival Charlie was greeted with hugs and waves from his buddies.  He slipped on his bowling shoes and yes, he bowled a strike.

There was pizza, cake and ice cream.  And Charlie sat right alongside his buddies, eating his slice of greasy cheese pizza.  Of course I was on-guard the whole time.  Ready to swoop in at any time to make things right, or normal, or whatever.  I know some of you mama’s know what I’m talking about.

But guess what?

Not one thing about the party was remarkable, but I will never forget it.


4 thoughts on “Milestones

  1. Wonderful blessed times!!! I must say though, I was confused by the first picture until I read further. I was thinking, the times sure have changed if they boys get to wear ragged jeans to the Christmas program!! haha!

    Hug those three extra tight tonight from the three of us.

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