Christmas comedy.

If pressed to pick a genre that best describes our days right now I’d pick comedy.  {Maybe a comedy of errors?}

This month we’ve been to Christmas parades, had dinners with friends, watched Christmas programs and even tried our hand at some Christmas crafts.  We’ve even had some seemingly picture-perfect holiday moments, but it’s those *other* moments that have captured a place in my heart.  A spontaneous winter playdate at the park.  That afternoon we ate a few too many candy canes.  The church Christmas program where I had tears streaming down my face because I was laughing so hard at my children’s expressions.  {Henry looked like he was either going to die of pain or really needed to see an eye doctor.}

This has been the sort of December we always try for but usually don’t get.  Typically my festive desire *to do it all* gets the best of me and more often than not I go down in a ball of Christmas flames.

To be honest, this year I don’t even want to think about doing it all, let alone try.  We’ve said no to some pretty great Christmas activities.  Parties.  Projects.  And get this, I have yet to make a single Christmas cookie.

But you know what?  Right smack dab in the middle of all of this low-key nonsense we’ve found what seems like the perfect balance of peace and celebration.  Joy and silliness.  Snuggles and wrestling.

I’m not sure when the perfect amount Christmas magic hit.

Maybe it was somewhere in between sharing cups of cocoa my three favorite kiddos?

Or the evening that Henry announced that “Harmonica starts tomorrow” and William burst into song “dradle, dradle, dradle, I made you out of clay…”  {true story.}

Maybe it was the afternoon I was cursing under my breath while trying to piece together the world’s cheapest gingerbread house.  {Meanwhile, Henry pointed out that it wasn’t very nice of me to speak badly of the gingerbread house our elf Clyde bought for us.  He was certain I’d hurt our little elf’s feelings.}

But seriously you be the judge:

We have since thrown them out because every chance he’d get William would hop onto the kitchen counter and furiously eat the stale frosting and candy.

It might be our stellar decorations?

William has even tested a few new Christmas theories of his own.  The other day we caught him yet again on the kitchen counter.  This time he was opening and eating all of the chocolate from the advent calendar.  Without missing a beat he simply explained that by doing this “Christmas would be coming sooner.”

More than likely it’s our festive ride.  {or should we call it our sleigh?}

Yes, those are antlers and a red nose.  Of course I get funny looks as we drive down the street.  But come on, if that doesn’t scream Christmas cheer then what does?

Let’s thrown in one semi-decent Christmas shot OK? I do have a sliver of pride.  {yes even despite the looks of my car.}

Right now the days feel both long and short. Our house is positively bursting at the seems.  And while it would be easy to feel like we were right on top of each other {again, three boys need s.p.a.c.e.} instead it feels cozy, and just right.  Some days I can almost watch the threads of friendship and brotherhood weaving my boys together as they play and play and play together.

I’m almost certain that a month full of moments like these are a miracle.  I’m pretty sure they’re all I’ve ever wanted.


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