Go ahead fall, surprise me.

It’s time to admit the truth.

I love fall, but we are bad at Halloween.  Really bad.

The best part is that the kids have no idea.  {Though in future years I won’t blame them for rolling their eyes at our Halloween lameness.}

The thing is, I’m just not a costumey kind of mom.  Thankfully our boys aren’t costumey kids.  {yet?}  They are perfectly happy to use hand-me-down costumes and things we have around the house.  And just before you start thinking I’m a total scrooge, know that I too get into the spirit by dutifully wearing the same old orange wool sweater each year {yes, again future kids, I apologize.}

It’s terrible. Just terrible.

Notice our random stack of pumpkins?  Thank goodness for friends and parents of friends who grow amazing pumpkins.  The ones that are small and green came from our yard.  It’s “bless her heart” bad. You know it is.

In the end, fun was had by all.  I stayed home to hand out candy while Alex took the boys around our neighborhood.  While passing out candy to trick-or-treaters I could hear our three little ones giggling and shouting out words of thanks as they ran from one house to the next.  Of course other times I would open the door and hear William throwing a temper tantrum for all the neighborhood to hear.  Thank goodness it was dark.  Maybe no one knew it was our little guy?  {Yeah, that’s probably not the case.}

The changing of seasons always puts me in a sentimental mood.  I’m pretty sure I love fall the most.  What’s not to like about a season of thanksgiving and gratitude?  {Of course minus that one scary holiday that left one of my children practically shaking from candy withdrawals the next day.  see *temper tantrums* above.}

And it’s safe to say we’ve taken full advantage of everything this fall has to offer.  We’ve been to the fair, various pumpkin patches, picked apples, canned and preserved.  We’ve {OK, Henry has} raked leaves, we’ve broken out our warm winter coats and fleeces and cozy throws for cuddling on the couch.  This fall we’ve been on the road, three times to Seattle, a long weekend in Sun Valley for me, and a weekend in Montana for Alex.  It was the best kind of busy, celebrations and long-overdue time with friends.  Though of course this homebody is also looking forward to soaking up some fall goodness here at home.

To top things off we celebrated Alex’s 35th Birthday.

Trust me, this is a guy worth celebrating.  We really do love him, despite our lame gifts.  Though someday I’m sure Alex will fondly look back at the birthday his wife bought him a stinky-cow-hide-rug.  Really, it was bought in love and despite the smell it did look pretty darn cool.

So yes, we love fall around here.

And our hearts are no doubt full with thanksgiving.


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