Amazing Charlie.

This is entire post is probably going to sound like I’m bragging.

I am.

But seriously, with all that Charlie has been up to it’s impossible to not be proud.

I don’t even know where to begin.  How about horseback riding?

Charlie has two weeks of hippotherapy lessons under his belt and I can’t even begin to list all of the amazing benefits.  The look of pure pride and joy Charlie wears during his entire lesson is worth it alone.  There are of course some major benefits he is working towards – building core strength, balance, coordination, improvements in speech – honestly the list could go on forever.  Then there are the more subtle perks.  Like watching Henry encourage and cheer his little brother on.  And giving Charlie an activity that is special and fun and HIS.  Sure that might sound nuts, but with brothers like Henry and William, having the spotlight shine on Charlie for an hour or so is a good lesson in balance.

Another unexpected blessing is all the people who are involved in Charlie’s lessons.  There are just 3-5 kiddos per session, but it takes a whole arena full of people to make it happen.  Each person is quite simply amazing and we’ve left each session so encouraged and proud of our little guy.

Charlie drew this jack ‘o lantern un-prompted the other day at school.  AMAZING.  See how proud he is?

Then there is school.  Last week we had our fall conference for Charlie.  We simply can’t say enough about his teacher Mrs. R.  Her love and encouragement for Charlie is overwhelming and in the very best way possible.  She sees Charlie as we do and has taken the time to truly get to know and understand our child.  How he learns, his personality, his sense of humor, his strengths and his weaknesses.  And if you have a child with special needs, you understand that this is nothing short of a miracle.  She has never once taken Charlie at face value, or judged him based on any preconceived notions.  So yes, we think she is amazing.

He did this task unassisted.  It might look easy, but when you consider all of the balancing and fine-motor skills involved you’ll understand Charlie’s pleased as punch smile.

It was so much fun to learn about the work Charlie is doing alongside his *typical* peers.  Mrs. R. also pointed out that Charlie knows himself well.  He innately understands his weaknesses and instead of shying away from challenging work, he naturally seeks out the areas he needs to learn the most.  Speech, letters, words.  Fine motor skills, balancing.  Numbers, counting, value.  Of course he still leaves plenty of time for snack.

In the middle of our meeting Mrs. R. put into words a thought I’ve long been trying to capture.

“There is no doubt that Charlie is a bright little boy, but sometimes his body fails him.”

Oh, how these words are true.  I see it daily as Charlie works so hard to run, keeping up with his peers.  Or when he is trying to say something to me – I can practically see the word in his mind, but he just can’t get it to his mouth.  And as much as this breaks my heart, I am once again blown away by the endurance and strength and determination of my child.

counting after lunch…

Always, Charlie you amaze me.

And we never stop being amazed by the ways God brings people into our lives, wherever our journey takes us.  I can assure you that we can’t stop giving thanks to those who have chosen to walk alongside us as we raise up our little ones.


5 thoughts on “Amazing Charlie.

  1. Thanks for sharing how great Charlie is doing! My son Chase is 6, also has DS, and is also involved with a horse riding program and I am amazed at how verbal he gets when he is on the horse. I wish he could ride all the time! Like you, I am so grateful for all the people involved that make our children’s lives so much better. I know of our children will continue to amaze us.

  2. beautiful post, it made me cry and i don’t even know your family personally. Such a special gift EACH child IS! Charlie and DS kids and my own kids make us look and truly say, God is great.

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