It’s how He made me.

I’ve made a recent discovery: I require copious amounts of silence or near silence each day in order to function on three out of four cylinders.

Going and doing all the time just isn’t me.  Yet I have three busy boys, a husband, a household and plain ‘ol life to keep me moving at a pretty darn fast pace.

You see my dilemma.

Perhaps the most crazy thing to come from this recent discovery is my willingness to finally accept my reality.  Why it has taken me all these years to figure out such a simple thing like *I need quiet time?*

Looking back this solution seems so obvious.  Quiet time = calm happy Libby.  Yet most of the time the equation looked like this: jam-packed schedule = crazy Libby.  What’s my problem?  Maybe it’s because I’m a people pleasing, rule-following, type-A personality?  And if everyone else around me can live at break-neck speed then why shouldn’t I?

Certainly this life of mine has doled out its fair share of head-scratchers.

My weekly bible study got me thinking about spiritual gifts and how we can use our own God-given talents to be ambassadors of the Lord.  And what might you ask does this have to do with my time management skills and need for alone time?  There actually is a strong connection.  Oddly enough my spiritual gift is not to run around town like a chicken with my head cut off.  And yet what do I do most days?  You guessed it, I spend way too much time acting like a crazy chicken.

So then what are my spiritual gifts?

Not knowing where to start I began to take note of specific times during my day when I am able to lovingly serve as an encouragement to others.  Basically, when did it come naturally?  Some opportunities were obvious.  While with my children, setting the tone for our household and leading by example.  At school pick-up and drop-off; how do I reach out to others in spite of our morning and afternoon rush?  In the evening, creating a calm {ish} setting for Alex to come home to and for our family to reconnect at the end of the day.

There was one opportunity that was especially obvious, yet I was hesitant to claim it.  I’ve always been wary to call myself a writer, but in the last week it has been pressed upon my heart that this is a very specific spiritual gift the Lord has given me.  By not fully accepting this gift then I’m not fully accepting how he made me.

Interestingly enough, most writers need periods of quiet to craft their words.  This means that God gave me a spiritual gift that practically demands quiet time.  Ironic, no?

OK, so I’m a writer.  But what is the point of my writing?  And how can my words be used to glorify Him?

Again, this was a challenge for me.  Of course this answer is also obvious, but sometimes the truth can seem so harsh.  So here goes nothing…as a mother I have experienced what many would claim as their greatest fear: raising a child with special needs.  And yet here I am, living out what most assume be *the worst case scenario* and I remain hopeful and joyful.  Not only that, but I believe more than ever that God is King and I lovingly serve Him by sharing our story.

I understand now that it’s vital for me to take the time to sit quietly and pour out my heart through words.  My Creator knows me well.  He created me with a talent that fits me perfectly.  This gift not only allows me to live joyfully and weightlessly, but allows me to serve as an encourager to others, writing as an ambassador of hope.

It’s how He made me.

How did he make YOU?


3 thoughts on “It’s how He made me.

  1. I love that He made you that way. Your words have been such a blessing to me!! Thank you again for sharing a glimpse into your life through this blog.

  2. Libby – This feels like the “ah-ha” moment He has had waiting for you. God has been leading you to this answer over the past few years as you went through your “weird” health stuff only to realize you needed to slow down and “de-clutter” your schedule. Always refining and listening. Things like this are carefully crafted and it is such a huge relief to figure out what He has known all along. (I’m not as good of a listener as you, so to get my attention God usually has to hit me in the face with the message and halt me in my tracks. :) Love you!

  3. Libby-I always feel like God is speaking to me when I read your posts. Sisters in Christ, you my friend have blessed so many with your posts. Keep writing, one day I’m going to declutter my own life and write again. For now, I have strapped my seatbelt on and go with the breakneck speed of life trying to savoy every moment as my kids grow so fast!!! You will blink and those precious boys will be grown up!! You can already see it happening I know! God has the perfect plan, can’t wait to see where he takes all of us! XO

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