The county fair.

We channeled our inner country as Henry insisted that we all wear some form of cowboy attire.

We ate.  We played.

We saw all kinds of animals.

The boys soaked up every single minute.

Guess who loved riding the ponies?  This was especially exciting as Charlie starts his hippo-therapy lessons this Thursday!

Guess who might be a little too big for the ponies?

I even got to join in the fun and ride the caterpillar roller coaster.  Wheee!

We’re pretty sure William only met the height requirement thanks to his big hair.

We *may* have made a questionable parenting decision.

At least we left with everyone alive and in one piece.  That was a relief.  {For the record Henry had a blast but Alex and I might have suffered minor heart attacks from the sidelines.}


Later that night Alex and I went back to the fair for a hot date at the Craig Morgan country concert.  You know International Harvester right?  No?  Anyway, I wore my best flannel shirt and cowboy boots.  My real cowboy boots.  Have I ever shared that story?  Last summer {2011} on our tenth wedding anniversary Alex and I decided to treat ourselves to custom Lucchese cowboy boots.  I knew that this spoke directly to Alex’s country-loving side and heck, if anything they would be a cute addition to my closet.  So we picked out our boots and had a good laugh while our our long and skinny feet were measured.  Five months later they finally arrived.  My boots fit like a glove.  Alex’s not so much.  Oh boy.  Not knowing what to do, he called the store and asked them what his options were.  The store {one of our faves} didn’t hesitate to take them back and offered my hubby store credit.  And what did my darling husband purchase to commemorate our ten years together?  A shotgun.  A camo shotgun.  So ten years in and we have a pair of cowboy boots for me and a shotgun for him.


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