Game on.

Long story short.

Well sort-of.

Computer died.  I had to live without my phone, ipad or laptop for hours and even days.  Gasp!  I know, I know, but I’m here to tell you that I survived.  In fact it was wonderful.

Had to take lessons on how new technology works.  Apparently I fell into the dinosaur category.

I’m now back online.  On the cloud, in fact.  My life is now in-sync which means I have no more excuses for not getting an e-mail or missing an appointment.  Bummer.

Bought new computer.  Doesn’t explode when photos are up-loaded.  Bonus.

Now we get to play catch-up.


Charlie has yet to meet a swing he doesn’t like.

Henry now mows the lawn all by himself.  He can even start it, {I can’t} but I did help with the gas.  Obviously.

The boys are on opposite school schedules {even their Christmas breaks are different.}  However, this has become wonderful way for Henry and I to get some very rare one-on-one time.  It’s pretty much the best.

Every.  Single.  Day.  William piles them up and I put them back.  Apparently even from a young age boys don’t understand the point of throw pillows.

It rained hard at the Seahawks game but it was a blast!  Yes, even for me the non-sports fan.

Channelling my inner pioneer woman and stocking up for the winter.


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