William goes to school.

{toy gun and jammies aside, this is the most recent photo of William I have.  And yes, he is always this cute.}

Sometime at the beginning of September William started pre-school.

I should know the exact date, but honestly my brain isn’t functioning quite right these days.  I’m blaming it on all of the excercise I’ve been doing {four days worth} but clearly I’ve lost my mind.  There is no way you can convince me otherwise, because this morning I FORGOT that my cleaning lady was coming.  I wasn’t home and the house was locked up tight.  Insanity.  You just don’t forget when someone is coming over to clean your house.

So yes, the exact first day of pre-school escapes me.  Besides that there were 8-10 gradual start days and one meet the teacher day.


Henry was settled into 2nd grade, Charlie was happily back in his Montessori pre-school class and William was ready.  Walking into the school William happily announced that “this is finally my school mommy!”  His entire life he’s watched one of his brothers walk into a Montessori classroom and it was finally his turn.

To commemorate the big day, I broke out a pair of hand-me-down pumas, declaring them “Your new school shoes!” He totally bought it.

He marched into his classroom like he owned the place.  The first day {well, the meet the teacher day, see why I’m confused?} he got to know the classroom and was introduced to some of the work.  His teacher was demonstrating a station, and asked him to stand next to her watching, with his hands behind his back.  A few times he reached out to touch the work and was corrected, “William, please stand and watch for now.”  Finally, it was William’s turn to “work” and he sat down while his teacher stood by his side.  Without missing a beat, William looked up at Miss Jocelyn and said “You need to stand with your hands behind your back while I work please.”

I giggled while also trying to look serious.

So yes, I suppose he really is ready for school.  It doesn’t seem possible – it still doesn’t, but seeing him at work in his classroom makes me think he really might be old enough for this.  Of course this does nothing to stop me from asking his teacher almost daily if she thinks this is a good fit.  “Do you think he seems tired?”  “Maybe he’s too young for this?”  And every time the teacher assures me he is ready.  That he is adjusting well.  I’m happy to hear this, but I’m also ready to swoop in and take my baby home at a moments notice.

But he’s growing and learning.  Each day he doles out precious bits of information like, “We had circle time” and “I did recess!” and “I licked the play dough mommy!”  He brings home paintings daily.  And every single time I pick him up he exclaims “You came back mommy!”

I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t painful for me to let go.  But it’s a gift to watch him grow and thrive.

As for me, I now have five mornings a week on my own.  Honestly I have no idea what to do with myself.

Anything is possible.

As long as it happens between the hours of 9 am and noon.


3 thoughts on “William goes to school.

  1. This is incredible! Hard to believe that he is so big already! He is precious, Libby, and I am certain only much more so in person — you can see it in his eyes! Much love and wishing you some rejuvenating quiet moments for you in the AM! oxox

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