Birthdays five and three.

You might already know this, but we keep birthdays pretty low-key around here.

Back in my younger and more ambitious days we would not only provide homemade cake and ice cream, but we would prepare an entire meal for our guests.  Complete with adult beverages.  We knew how to party.  Looking back, I obviously had way too much time on my hands.  This time however, I think we’ve hit the nail on the head.

Introducing the morning birthday doughnut party.  It’s perfect.  The youngest guests are at their best because no one had to skip nap time to attend and everyone else is thrilled because they still have a free afternoon.  The food was simple, and who doesn’t love a doughnut?  Add in some fresh fruit, juice for the kiddos and iced-coffee for the adults and ta-da! Instant party.  {Just don’t forget the pinata.  Pinata = birthday party must-have at our house.}

It was a hit.  And while the doughnuts were a fun addition, there really is nothing better than celebrating your little ones with all of your favorite people. Charlie and William soaked up every minute.

As proof of his awesomeness, Charlie his first present and high-tailed it away from the present-opening frenzy to play.   Love that. And He loves his Toy Story toys.

Of course I can’t write about the party without talking about each boy, because honestly, Charlie and William are simply amazing.  {Nope, I’m not biased.}

First, let’s talk about the crazy fact that Charlie is FIVE.  This seems almost impossible.  Our Charlie is affectionate, he’s a giver and a lover.  He is the first to say sorry and share a hug and he is always ready to snuggle  Charlie is also a thrill-seeker, a quiet adrenaline junky.  He is a stickler for rules and routine.  He hates having his picture taken.  Always, he is by my side ready to help around the house, taking out the recycling, feeding June, setting the table or getting the newspaper in the morning.  He loves his toys, especially Buzz, Woody, his Thomas trains and race cars.  Most importantly he loves his brothers and boy do they love him.  He’s a treasure, and I’m not the only one who thinks so.

William.  My BABY is THREE?!  Oh William.  William makes friends easily, charming everyone he meets with his darling personality, endless talking and pip-squeak voice.  He also draws attention everywhere we go because of his curly {almost fluffy} head of hair.  William is a charmer.  He can also be exhausting.  Sweet boy rolls in peaks and valleys.  And as the youngest he knows when he’s being taken for a child and wants no part of it.  He is best buddies with both Henry and Charlie which is something we had quietly hoped for.  William is also our first picky eater.  Most meals he is too busy talking to be bothered with food, but on the off-chance he does eat it’s likely to be peanut butter, bananas, applesauce, apples, avocado, milk and air.

So that’s how we roll around here. We rock store-bought doughnuts. We buy pinatas from Target, reuse decorations from last year, and we celebrate our kiddos with our favorite people and we call it a day. We call it a very, very good day.


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