We are blessed because she loved the Lord.

Of course my perspective as the fifth of thirteen grandchildren is a bit sugar-coated, but between the fudgecicles, Lucky Charms and M&M’s she kept on-hand it could only be sweet.

On Saturday, my maternal grandmother Evelyn passed away at the age of 90.  I’m finding it nearly impossible to put into words the life of a woman who was such a constant in my own life.  Grandma lived a simple, joyful and beauty-filled life.  Her life, the joys and struggles, celebrations and hardships, she lived each moment as an offering to the Lord.  Simply put, she loved the Lord.  With all her heart, with all her soul, with all her mind.

From my vantage point with a husband and gaggle of little ones it’s easy to lose sight of what lies ahead.  Yet I’ve been blessed to have a number of living examples quietly guiding me, helping me to understand what holds weight in this world.  Taking my grandmother’s lead, it becomes easy to see the beauty in the everyday; abundant love for family, the joy of friends, the beauty of music and the splendor of the Earth.  In life actions always speak louder than words and Grandma quietly and without fanfare lived a life filled with joy.  This was without a doubt, the result of her devotion, love and dependence on the Lord.

In the sting of death this is comforting.  Because if you know what is coming, if you realize that this life is temporary, then you understand that it’s worth being steadfast through the storms.  It’s always worth the wait, because the storms, they will blow over and the sunshine always comes out again, blinding us with His glory.  This life here is temporary.  We can choose to live it believing fully in Jesus, believing beyond our current trails, counting our blessings along the way and resting in the knowledge that His glory is near.

Grandma, today we are the ones who are blessed.  We are blessed because you loved the Lord.  Thank you for loving each one of us, quietly guiding and teaching us to seek and depend on Jesus and the glorious adventure it will bring.


4 thoughts on “We are blessed because she loved the Lord.

  1. What lovely tribute. I really enjoyed the picture of her as a very young lady in the paper. You can see the joy in her eyes just as you can in these photos.

  2. Libby, I am so sorry for your loss! I know that you were very close with her and you will continue her legacy of love…. hugs to you and your Mom! oxox

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