Second Grade

Today was Henry’s first day of second grade.  Second grade seems so grown-up, but really he’s ready and we love his school and are thrilled with his teacher.

And no, contrary to what I believed, it does not get easier to sent them off to school as they get older, for me it is much harder.

I think its safe to say that we were both equal parts excited, nervous and a little sad to say goodbye to summer.  We were finally settling into our summer routine {or lack of} when it was time to trade in our lazy days for school dictated schedules.  In years past, I’ve been so physically exhausted by the end of summer that the school year was a welcome break, but this year we’ve finally caught our groove.

It wasn’t intentional, but this summer we really circled the wagons and held our little family tight no matter where our adventures took us.  We talked a lot. Big surprise right?  We covered heavy topics and silly subjects.  We played together and we were bored together.  We traveled and we stayed home.  But no matter what, we were together.  Perhaps this is why I’m so nostalgic today, missing my Henry.

And despite being so grown up and all, my sweet boy {bless his heart} gave me an unsolicited hug and kiss and an I love you mom before the morning bell rang.  There is no doubt that our firstborn was born a big-kid, but his is also a wonderful big brother, always willing to laugh and play and help with the little ones.  He is responsible, always eager to work hard and without prompting or need for praise.  I love that knows who he is and isn’t afraid to say no in a situation or activity that doesn’t line up with our beliefs.  He is always quick to share a story with me {and whoever else will listen} and has a heart of gold.

We had the best conversations this summer.  Henry has a heart of gold and without any prompting or leading he has brought up topics covering Charlie, where will he live when he is older, will he marry or have children?  {Don’t worry mom, I will always take care of him.  And on the subject of Charlie not having children; Charlie will be the best uncle mom, don’t you think?  On marriage, and what kind of man he wants to grow up to be;  Mom it’s really important that I protect what I see and what I hear.  I want to grow-up to be a strong and good man.}

To be fair we should also keep things real, because he is also stubborn {so am I}, impatient {so am I} and sometimes needs reminders about self-control {so do I}…you know what they say about apples and trees… But I can’t begin to tell you how much it makes my mama heart sing to see your child bearing fruit, real fruit, growing from years of love and labor and sweat and tears.  It is hard work raising little ones and sometimes the seasons are long, but when harvest comes {and thankfully there are many} it is heart-breakingly beautiful.


3 thoughts on “Second Grade

  1. Oh Libby!! So beautifully written, so well said. You have a gift. And you have every right to be proud. What an amazing boy he is! This actually brought tears to my eyes. :-)

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