One last shout-out for summer vacations.

Tonight the air has a hint of fall in the air.  It’s crisp and cool and as much as I’m ready to welcome the cooler weather it is also bittersweet, this changing of the seasons, time flying by.  But before we get ahead of ourselves and declare it fall, we have still have birthdays to celebrate, back to school send-offs and a vacation that deserves a shout-out.

Of course I have far too many photos to share. But what good is a blog if it doesn’t include a long drawn out vacation recap?  I hope you don’t mind.  I’m pretty sure my computer is up in arms about the photo overload.  Yes, our computer saga continues.  I mean really Apple, would it kill you to just release the new iMac so we can quit limping along?  The O key is shot, and I’m pretty sure our current machine might explode…but let’s get back to vacation mode shall we?

We had the privilege of joining our friends for what’s become an annual vacay at Lake Chelan and in our third year, the fun, the weather, the water and the company did not disappoint.  Our kiddos were in their element and I’m pretty sure our time on the water sealed the deal for Alex who has been itching {and constantly researching} for a boat.  It also helped that he rocked it on the knee-board.  Don’t worry, he’s totally redeemed himself and learned how to slalom ski the next week.  What a guy.

count ’em up, that’s five happy littles on one boat…

Alex’s new sponsor shot.  Totally hot right?  Sorry ladies, he’s taken.

Love this guy.  Alex had never waterskied before but tried and got up on his first try, proving how *easy* it is to Henry and his buddy Anthony.  They weren’t convinced.

Charlie loves the water park…he’s a total adrenaline junkie.

This little guy, not so much…

kayaking, paddleboarding…doesn’t get much better than this…

The littles loved the ski trainer.  Half the time though we were yelling at them to quit waving and clapping and to hold onto the darn handle.  Too cute.

Seriously, what is he, like 16?!

Among other many other tenacious skills, the beauty of travelling with our friend Joy is that she plays the role of photographer, which in my book is a treat because it is a rare occurrence for me to have my picture taken.  And to have a photo with my kiddos?  Well that’s just icing on the cake.

There is however a downside to all of these photos…

{and yes, it not only looks like I lived in that hat for a week, I actually did, much to Alex’s dismay since he was the one that actually packed it…}

Henry was a fan of the tube and was obviously getting a bit too big for the trainer.  While he did give water skiing a try, we might have traumatized the neighbors between his skiing {screaming} and people {joy} flying off of the boat.  Sweet boy did survive this character-building session.

our gracious hosts testing out the new tube…

sweet hair!

safe to say Charlie is pretty comfortable on the tube, he was sound asleep!


One thought on “One last shout-out for summer vacations.

  1. Libby – I love it! I’m glad your computer didn’t protest too much to looking at all of those pics. We LOVE you and your boys LOVE our time at the lake with you. I am already looking forward to next year! Tenaciously yours.

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