Lazy mornings.

Without really meaning to, we’ve filled our summer days to the max.  A few weeks back we about melted in the summer heat when our A/C went out and I reconfirmed that my motivation is directly tied to the temperature of my surroundings.  Needless to say, my motivation pretty much went out the window.  Yet even in almost 100 degree weather and with a rather busy summer schedule we’ve enjoyed plenty of lazy mornings.  Often we’re reading, lounging, coloring, watching too many curious george episodes, playing with trains and other toys, or we’re out back enjoying some sprinkler and wading pool fun.  All before nap and quiet time.  And we’ve rediscovered this truth; sometimes a little boredom is a good thing.  Well, that and a renewed appreciation for our A/C which is back on and cooler than ever.

And as much as we are all {maybe just me?} craving a bit of the structure and routine that the school year will bring with it, I’m also afraid it’s going to be a bit of a shock.


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