Swimming lessons and dentist appointments.

Today all three boys went to the dentist.  Only Henry had a full cleaning, x-rays, fluoride – the whole bit – but even the little boys did well for their teeth count, quick brush, and fluoride.  I was feeling pretty smug when our dentist said that all of the boys teeth looked great and were cavity free.  I was quickly put in my place when Henry responded “Well, that’s really amazing because we hardly ever brush our teeth!”

Today was also Henry’s last swim lesson for the summer.  He has made so much progress this year and is finally confidant and eager to swim alongside his buddies now.  {yes, all of this is true despite the picture, he’s attempting the butterfly stroke so we’ll cut him some slack.}

I have to admit that between three dentist appointments and swim lessons I was really feeling like a *real* mom.  Which is funny because I swear half the time I feel like a little girl playing house.

P.S.  I’m going to give short and sweet posts a try.  We’ll see how well this works for a gal who tends to write, edit, edit, write and then finally adds photos.  But honestly the only up-dates this blog is going to see need to occur during a 25 minute Curious George episode.  Me and my darn screen time rules.

PPS.  Our *O* key is hit or miss at best.  Pretty sure it has something to do with a certain little one *playing* office.  Bummer.


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