Summer, Un-plugged.

One of my most constant life-themes is missing the point.  All too often I get caught up in the little details of life and miss out on what really matters.  For some reason, by grace alone, this summer I think I’m finally getting it, or at least catching glimpses.  I’ve watched the Lord hard at work softening the edges when I fall short as a wife, mother, daughter and friend, which honestly happens way more than I’d like to admit.  I also realize that I might sound like a record on repeat, learning and re-learning the same lessons again and again.  Then again, that also sounds a lot like life in general doesn’t it?  Thank goodness for grace, and family, and love and summer!

With our little ones home all day I quickly realized that I’d established some habits that while most would consider benign, I began to find offensive.  And so I’ve un-plugged this summer, big time, refreshing my intentions of living in the moment, being intentional with my time, with my children, with my husband.  To be purposeful.  And patient.  And joyful.  Because they need me, here, now and fully present.  Sometimes I fail miserably, but I’m also seeing the fruits of our labor.   Of course being un-plugged means that I’m totally out of the loop on practically everything, but in all honestly it has been delightful.

For now it just seems right to bask in our simple daily routines and to soak-up a summer un-plugged.

our landscaping crew.

william, our master gardener, and a champion tomato picker.

north cascades highway, might be the prettiest drive ever.

bellingham, babies, badminton…

might be time to buy a pick…

…yes, henry is majorly obessed with yard work.  he has even edged the entire lawn with scissors, claiming it was fun.

a little slice of heaven…


2 thoughts on “Summer, Un-plugged.

  1. don’t laugh…but where did you get the floral pillow on your couch? that fabric looks exactly like what I want the color scheme of my family room to be…

    • Patti you are too funny! I bought it at pottery barn almost 3 years ago…since I’ve seen similar pillows at target, overstock, etc. hope you guys are settling into the new house!

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