Lemonade stand

Every summer Henry is drawn to the idea of setting up a lemonade stand.  One year he helped another friend manage a stand.  “I was in charge of the money and talking with the people.”  Last year he and a neighbor boy took their show on the road and went door to door selling the sweet stuff.  “It just made sense, this way we don’t have to wait for people to come to us, we bring the lemonade to them!”

Last week we finally set up the real deal in our own front yard.  I took all three boys to our local grocery store where Henry compared prices on red solo cups and lemonade.  We made a couple of signs, mixed up our lemonade and Henry was officially in business.

For two days Henry manned his stand, sometimes alone or with brothers, cousins and friends; really whoever stopped by.  Much lemonade was sold and spilled and little boys laughed and counted quarters, all of which I’m pretty sure are signs of a successful lemonade stand.


One thought on “Lemonade stand

  1. How fun! Perfect summer activity for little ones to take on. Hope they have lots of quarters to count when they are done!

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