We went on vacation.

And over one week later apparently I’m still in vacation mode.  It’s lovely really.

Alex and I laughed often during our week of vacation.  *We’re really doing this AND we’re having fun!* we’d exclaim to one another.  This was our first real vacation as a family of five and well, it actually felt like a vacation.  A milestone worth noting for sure.  It made me feel like I earned my “parent stripes.”  I loved getting to spend this time with all four of my amazing boys in a place that they truly adore.  We rode our bikes everywhere, and when we walked it was typically for ice cream.  Half-way through the week our dear friends who are really more like family, joined us in vacation mode and together we had plenty of adventures and yes, more ice cream with our crew of five little boys.

We love *Fun* Valley!  {Thank you Nana and Pop-pop!}

PS… I want to thank Alex for saying YES to a full week away… I know it’s not easy to be away from work – especially when he’s got a lot on his plate – so I extra appreciate the fact that he’s willing to give up a little of his sanity so that we can do family things.  I married a pretty great guy and I am thankful for him every day.


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