I get it now.

Almost eleven years into marriage and after seven years as a parent I’m just beginning to get it.   Those tough questions my parents asked me as a child and young adult.  The boundaries they established out of love.

Growing up my mom and dad were both involved and interested in even the tiny details of our lives.  Mom was our constant comfort, Dad would encourage and challenge.  We were loved and grew and thrived within their firm boundaries.  Mom took care of the daily details guiding us along, while Dad seemed to take on more specific tasks.   He was the one who would ask us the hard questions, would tell us no when we pushed too far and was the one who had great plans for us as we grew.  Certainly life never goes as planned, yet together their quiet love, faith and guidance established a foundation I’m just beginning to comprehend.

Of course I still have plenty to learn.  But Dad, I’m beginning to understand.  We are so alike,  you probably already know this.

I love you dad.

And Alex. You are such a wonderful dad.  There is no doubt that you are the fun one and I’m OK with that.  Our boys are blessed to have a dad that is always up for a game of catch, basketball, a bike ride, round of golf or just one more kiss and hug before bed.  You’ve always been hard on yourself as you father our children, but I love that you care that much about them.  I’m so glad that you are by my side as we raise-up our three boys.

Happy Father’s Day.


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