It certainly looks like we’re ready for summer.

uncle jimmy I’m pretty sure he gets this from you…

nope, I still can’t seem to get enough of this curly-haired little cutie.

and this little guy can’t get enough of the water…

seriously…every single photo of Henry blows me away…he is becoming such a handsome, grown-up, boy!

All this week its been rainy and dreary, but last weekend was all summer.  It was two days of what I hope our summer shapes up to be.  Lots of family time, BBQ’s with friends, swimming, a birthday party and a walk thrown in for good measure.  We even managed to squeeze in some family pictures.  {Bless your heart Kristin!!}

I have high hopes for this summer.  My hopes aren’t tied up in a giant to-do list, rather I’m hoping that summer will guide us {me} smoothly into the next stage in our life.  Perhaps I’m asking too much?  I’ve been stuck lately, holding tight to my babies and praying for time to slow down.  But it’s not slowing down and my babies have become little boys.  Half the time I can’t figure out if I should laugh or cry, so I kind of just do both.  So this summer I’m going to embrace this new big-kid phase.  Of course I plan on doing so while encouraging our kids to be kids just a little bit longer.  Totally doable right?


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