Baseball Superstar

Henry’s hung up his baseball cleats for the season, but I’m certain there will be plenty more baseball in our future.  As a special treat, his team got to play one of their last games on the girls softball field up at the high school.  {It’s the same high school my brothers and I went to, and the school all three boys will attend, although they get the perk of a brand-new building.}

It was a treat to watch the boys step wide-eyed onto a *professional* field.  I also realize that in a blink of an eye we’ll be back up here cheering Henry on as a high-school baseball player.

But let’s not rush things.  Even if he is growing up so darn fast.

It has been a blast this season to watch our little guy turn into a real baseball player.  Not surprisingly Henry’s pretty darn good.  He is a tenacious player {he gets that from his mom} as well as a social player {from his dad.}  Somehow this all translates into a darling boy who can catch pop-flies, hits doubles, fields well, cheers on his team and leads the pack.  I suppose it sounds like I’m bragging {Ok, just a little} but it’s just so darn amazing to watch your little ones grow and thrive and become the most amazing people.

Next year will bring with it real pitchers, much older kids and serious coaches.  I think Henry will be just fine.


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