Am I walking the walk?

I’ve been asking myself some hard questions lately about who I am as a wife and as a mother. Questions along the lines of;  Am I actually living the life I proclaim I’m living?  Of course this sounds super dramatic, so let me try to explain.  It’s one thing to be proclaiming words of love! and joy! and compassion! and patience!  But really, if I’m not living them out daily then what is the point?

Here’s the crux of the whole thing.  I’ve found that as I’ve become more and more intentional in my parenting, I am indeed walking the very same walk I’m talking.  Love, joy, compassion and yes, even patience are alive and thriving in our home.  However, {and this is humbling} it is in my marriage that I find myself talking far more than walking.  I wonder if this is a common mistake parents of young children often find themselves making?  Maybe it’s just me that finds herself pulling it all together for the little ones only to fall apart for Alex when the nitty-gritty of life begins to add up?  I know that my marriage is to come first and that my children will benefit – no thrive – as a result, yet sometimes this balancing act is tricky.

I suppose this reminder to myself was overdue.  But here it is anyway.  A reminder to be intentional and purposeful and kind and patient and joyful in all of my roles.  Even when life is hard. And crazy.  {And when isn’t it?}

To walk the walk.


I’ve come across some amazing reads lately, the words are still with me.


I highly recommend this article.  I’m still trying to wrap my head around it all.

And this one too.  Both are very different, but for some reason they helped to get my head on straight.


{thankful for:}

18. peonies.  for the entire month of may we have an abundance of these beautiful blossoms in our yard.  they are a blessing to enjoy and share.


19.  His grace.  I can literally feel Him covering me and filling in the gaps as I mother my children.

20. Alex.  this goes without saying.

21.  simple everyday moments.  {yes, I took in another sad looking plant.  it’s my thing.}

22.  toys strewn about the house, signs of little ones living and thriving.

23.  birthdays.  what a blessing and treat to be celebrated by family and friends.

24.  birthday presents.  looking forward to family bike rides, adding a basket and maybe a baby seat on the back for William or Charlie?

25.  a much needed morning at home putting away laundry, weeding, and not rushing.

26.  art.  even art that only lasts minutes.  it’s always worth it.

27.  baseball season is over.  henry every moment of his little league season and we loved cheering him on but its also very nice to have our evenings back.

there is always much to be thankful for isn’t there?


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