And just like that Henry is 7

Geoff and Amy this was a big birthday highlight…

Seven?!  Could time please slow down?

The thing is, Henry is all seven year-old boy.  He is reading like a champ, soaking up everything school has to offer.  He can’t get enough baseball, his glove and ball always at the ready.  You can often find him down the street shooting hoops at the neighbor’s house.  And while I know he is ready to move away from some of the *little kid* games his brothers love he still happily plays right alongside them.  Of course the best part is that he still loves to snuggle with his mom.  He always says good-bye and I love you at drop-off and at pick-up runs to give me a hug and willingly holds my hand.  I find myself often taking mental snapshots during the day with Henry, willing myself to remember and hold on to each precious memory as he grows into a wonderfully strong boy.  He is a blessing in every way.

We celebrated our boy for a good majority of the month of May.  It was never over the top, instead it was the perfect combination of little family events and his first celebration with *friends.*

During his party I, of course, was running around refereeing water-gunfights and ensuring that each child was eating the right food {there were four kiddos with food allergies} Thanks to my sister-in-law Corey for taking on the roll of photographer.

so this picture is notable for two reasons: ::one:: the m & m’s came in snack size bags, but one broke open.  william made it his personal goal to pick up and each m & m left on the ground foregoing the mad dash for the rest of the pinata candy…and ::two:: apparently our grass is thirsty…


One thought on “And just like that Henry is 7

  1. I knew that Henry saw the sign at the Autospa but didn’t know that he stopped to get his picture taken. Love it!

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