Paris and London…

…in pictures.

Here they are, in all of their unedited glory {like I ever do that anyway…}

If you want to see more pictures {this is for you dad} here’s the link, unfortunately I don’t have time to get them all here on the blog.  Surely there is some sort of shortcut for transferring photos to the blog, but alas, I’ve watched myself become old-fashioned and technically un-savvy with each passing day.  Has this happened to anyone else out there?  Where you have found yourself cutting and pasting and piecing together a hodge-podge of a blog?  {no pun intended…}

Back to the pictures.  Life is moving full speed ahead so we’ll just have to do without a play-by-play.  You’re OK with that right?


Oh I guess there were a few funny things worth making note of:

:: the chip :: Do you have one on your Visa card? We don’t which meant we couldn’t rent/check-out any of the cool bicycles around town. This was probably the biggest disappointment of the trip.  We had many conversations that went like this {insert heavy French accent}  You do not have the chip!?  {in a sad American voice} No, we don’t have the chip, what is the chip?  {french accent} You must get the chip!  {this was pretty much true for subway tickets and the bike rentals.}

:: in Paris buy your museum tickets through your hotel :: They won’t charge you extra and you will get to skip to the front of many long, long lines.

:: churches vs. museum :: In Paris entrance into almost all of the churches was free, museums you paid for a ticket. In London you had to pay an arm and a leg to enter into a church or any royal palace, but their museums were free.

:: pictures :: snap away in Paris, you could take pictures anywhere {churches, museums, etc.} Get your photo fix there because in London you can’t take a single picture inside any church or museum.

:: hotels :: we stayed at the San Regis {note, not the St. Regis} in Paris and the Grosvner House Marriott in London and loved the location of both.

:: eurostar train :: we took it from Paris to London which meant we travelled by train through {under?} the London Channel. Pretty darn cool. Just don’t call it the *chunnel* the natives seemed to frown upon it.

:: languages :: Everyone was wonderful about speaking English to us in Paris. We no little or no French and honestly it didn’t come naturally to us at all. I’m much more familiar with Spanish and I’m embarrassed to say how many times I said *gracias* or *adios* while out and about. And yes, in case you were wondering I did wear tennis shoes a couple of days. We were American tourists for sure.

:: cheesy touristy things :: speaking of…yes, we rode on a double-decker bus. Of course we took a river tour on Seine in Paris.

::  packing ::  Honestly it didn’t matter what I wore each day because I lived in my coats.  We packed spring layers and wished we had packed our winter layers.  My boots, which I tossed in at the last minute were lived in almost every day of the trip.

:: Paris hype ::  I’ve always thought it was funny the way people go on and on about Paris and wondered if it would live up to all of the hype.  It did.  I would go back in a second.

:: HRH :: Nope, we didn’t get to see the queen but we did get to have dinner in a palace {Hampton Court} does that count?::

:: dreams :: By the end of our trip both Alex and I were having dreams about tours and museums and paintings and history…now maybe you will too!


3 thoughts on “Paris and London…

  1. Oh, Libby!!!!!!!!
    Matthew & I want to go to Europe so badly! We’re tentatively planning a trip for our 20-year anniversary. (Which is “only” 8.5 years away…) :)

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