Because pictures like these deserve a post of their own.

yes…that’s Alex on the left…

Last weekend our dear friends Aaron and Andrea hosted a redneck barbecue to celebrate Aaron’s 30th birthday.  There are few people we would gladly don mullet wigs, blue eye shadow, neon orange nail polish, tube socks and cowboy boots for.  Heck, we even went to Wal-mart for our hostess gift – a tub of cheese balls.  The theme was a perfect fit for the birthday boy, but I have to admit Alex slipped into costume/character pretty naturally. Perhaps he’s a little more redneck than he lets on…

Can you tell I’m procrastinating?  Man, last week post-vacation I was a woman on a mission, checking to-do’s off my list left and right.  This week I can’t seem to set my mind to anything.  Is it possible for jet-lag to kick-in one week later?

Then in my ongoing effort to always keep us on our toes, I had the genius idea of choosing this week to take away William’s pacifier.  So far naps which were once a two-hour affair have been reduced to 30 minute snoozes and then there’s bedtime and the middle of the night screaming sessions.  Last night Alex and I questioned our *progress* as William slept between us.  Today I’m optimistic, thinking we might have turned a corner.

Summer is staring me in the face and I feel the need to organize everything around the house {I’m itching to get rid of so much *stuff*}, organize our calendar {which might require an excel spreadsheet}, and organize our life {is this even possible?}.  However, it seems each time I try to tackle a project I get distracted or overwhelmed and well, I sort of walk away mid-project.  It’s driving me nuts, however the yard has become the beneficiary of my disorganization.  It’s been so wonderful to spend mornings and afternoons puttering around the yard, planting, pulling weeds, and watering with my little helpers.  There is just nothing better than being home.

In honor of *just one more* minute of procrastination I’ll share a few more photos I’ve collected on my phone in the last month.

…brunch with good friends and five amazing kiddos…

Gosh they’re cute!


2 thoughts on “Because pictures like these deserve a post of their own.

  1. Love the photos of the kids. Will you send them to me on my phone? The kids all look so grown up….. if only they would slow down :)

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