April in Paris, London in May

I’m not sure how to even begin a post that goes something along the lines of…so we’ve been in Paris and London for the last eleven days…

I know crazy right?  Alex and I couldn’t believe our good fortune as we walked those two cities for miles, went on countless tours, visited museums, ate our weight in cheese and bread and soaked up the beauty of each city.  All of this took place while Nana and Pop-pop watched Henry, Charlie and William.  {Though they assured me the boys were wonderful, I’m sure that they could probably use their own vacation in the near future.}

I’m not the best traveller pre-trip.  I loathe the packing and organizing and the feeling that everything is off schedule before heading out-of-town.  I however, love the feeling of being on our way, when I can settle into vacation mode and soak up everything each trip involves.

Each day was filled to the brim with wonderful memories.  I can’t remember the last time Alex and I have travelled together – without children or friends – accompanying us.  It might sound odd, but this trip allowed for us to address some challenges, gave room for growth, and provided the precious time we needed for good conversations.  The gift of endless hours together allowed us to re-strengthen our relationship and our great life together.

But alas, I’m a homebody at heart and I’m beyond happy that we are home all together again.

I missed my boys, our routines, our life, and yes, even the mundane.  It really is true, there is nothing like getting away to bring some good ‘ol perspective to things.  Obviously we were beyond blessed to experience such an amazing vacation, but even more I’m aware of how blessed I feel to be a mother and wife and of my love for our little family.

And yes, at this point is seems as though all of our photos were taken via my iPhone and instagram…we’re experiencing some major computer issues around these parts.  Seems *someone* has stockpiled a rather large number of photos leaving our current machine waving a white flag of surrender.  We either need to do a major up-grade {to our 3 1/2 year-old mac book pro) or bite the bullet and go new.  If we go new do you have any suggestions or opinions about a desk-top vs. a lap-top?  We’ve only had a lap-top but the mac desktops are less expensive and have more power…

Hopefully we’ll quickly make up our minds computer-wise and I can post the rest of our 1,457 photos…

Oh, and thank you for being patient, I’m slowly returning e-mails and such…and yes, I scheduled a couple of posts while we were away…you know to throw off the house burglars and and such…tricky right?


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