Ordinary days

Alex bought a new bike and Henry is already planning a summer of endless rides.  I’m hoping to add a bike trailer to the mix…

Our typical parade of chaos.  Thank goodness our neighbors are patient {and aware} of our little ones who liken our dead-end street to a playground.

Yes, he is this cute all the time.  He is also a precocious little bugger.

Nope, still not posing for pictures.

My endless quest, trying to capture the madness that is William’s hair after nap time.  It is precious and crazy and perfect and no picture ever seems to do his hairdo justice.

Easiest dinner ever.  Thirty minutes start to finish.  Halibut.  Mixed baby kale, sauted with onion, garlic and cremini mushrooms and topped with feta.  Quinoa.  We all gobbled it up except William, his dinner strike is still going strong.

Homemade gluten-free pizza crust doesn’t hold a candle to the Trader Joe’s whole wheat crust.  At least the toppings were yummy.

Nana and Pop-pop invited us to join them for a ski weekend.  Even though we were only gone two days and nights it was a much appreciated mini-vacation.  Charlie and William took to the magic carpet like champions.  It’s official, we have two little skiers on our hands.

Speed is key.  I go faster mommy, faster!  William would also enthusiastically cheer for himself before falling to the ground.  Mommy!  I ski backwards! 

Pool time after a big day of skiing.  For some reason I forget my swimsuit every single time.  Weird right?

No picture, but my dad and I skied together one afternoon.  It was snowing and windy but the powder was perfect.  My dad as usual pushed/encouraged/challenged me to follow him down all of the steep and mogul-filled runs he could find.  We had a blast.  It was fun to see that even though I’m just a cookie-baking mama {ha} I can still rock the double black diamonds.  Yes, after a three-child long hiatus I finally got my ski groove back.  Thanks dad.

Ever have a day that demands chocolate chip cookies?  And a pedicure?

We’ve been listening to this CD non-stop in the car for almost a month.  {Two months?} Every song is pulled from scripture, word for word.  And the songs are catchy, not cheesy – I promise.  What a gift it has been for our entire family to memorize numerous scriptures and all the books of the New Testament.


3 thoughts on “Ordinary days

  1. Ok I have a day that requires chocolate chip cookies every other day! They are my specialty!!! I see you made gluten free pizza crust! I would love the recipe! 3 of my 6 kiddos are gluten free. What sweet boys you have! Katie

    • Katie –
      I used the bob’s redmill gluten free pizza crust mix…it made two small pizzas and was OK…let me know if you find a truly homemade g/f crust that you like!

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