There isn’t anything else I’d rather be doing.

Than spending each and every day with my children.

Our days aren’t glamorous or adventure-filled, but we are together.

Playing outside.  Going for a walk.  Stopping for a treat.  Building a train-track.  Together.

It took me years to figure this out:  My kids need me.  All of me.  At first I was certain that I could balance a handful of outside commitments while remaining committed at home.  It was a total flop, leaving our entire family hurried and stressed.  Slowly but surely I did a very unpopular thing – I cleared my calendar of almost all outside commitments.  Guess what?  The world did not stop spinning. It keeps whizzing by us, but our beautiful little corner of the world has slowed to a nice quiet pace.  A pace that keeps mommy calm and lets little ones grow-up without all that rushing about.

Notice the marker?  Green on his face, purple Sharpie marker on his legs…when I found him mid-crime I said, William you’re purple!  I know, mommy. he said, I wish I was red…

Of course we have our moments, parenting is hard work no matter the pace of your days.  Sometimes it seems impossible, this task of raising up little people, filling them up with our love and His.  Despite what our world may say, mothering is a sacred vocation.  And I’ve witnessed Jesus draw me closer when I cry out to Him.  Choosing to mother this way – to go against the grain – it is humbling.  It is also a blessing.

Could they get any cuter?!


3 thoughts on “There isn’t anything else I’d rather be doing.

  1. I have SO ENJOYED catching up on reading your blog! My daughter has been in the hospital for the past couple months, so I have been a bit out of pocket. I have spent a good bit of time reading tonight and just want you to know that you are such a blessing to me. I hope you don’t mind if I share a couple of your post…from one special needs mom to another? My brain has been rather…tired…lately and so many of the things I want to say you have already said, and said quite perfectly at that. You are a huge inspiration to me and I always walk away with a stronger resolve to meet some of the very same goals!

    • Janet – Thank you so much for writing and for your encouragement. It is always so wonderful to connect with other moms who are walking a similar journey. I’m so sorry to hear that your daughter has been in the hospital for so long. How is she doing now? I’m sure that this has been a challenging time for you too.

      Of course you are more than welcome to share some of my posts, my only request is that you link back to our blog. Would you mind sending me the link to your blog? I’d love to read more about your family and see pictures of your darling little one!

      Sending hugs and blessings your direction!

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